What We Do

Wedding Photography & Video

Savannah, Georgia based photo/video studio specializing in capturing beautiful weddings, portraits and events. Capture all the best moments at your next wedding or event, including: conferences, festivals, birthday parties, Christmas parties, receptions, concerts, bar mitzvahs, sales events and more. Photography, Steadicam video, drone aerial footage (outdoor events) and even 360 videos, can be seamlessly carried out for such occasions. 



Portrait Photography

Portrait photography, also known as portraiture, involves photo shoots of individuals or groups, such as teams or business associates. Scheduling a commercial portrait shoot will allow you to showcase you and your team professionally, assisting in effectively promoting your brand identity. You may also consider portrait photography for sports teams, memorable moments, school related photography and more. 

Lifestyle Photography

Whether capturing candid shots or special moments, lifestyle photography involves capturing real-life event, situations, and milestones, resulting in an artistic and powerful narrative behind our everyday moments. Capture such memories for reflecting, showcasing or even inspiring those around you.

Real Estate Photography & Video

Real Estate photography is designed to showcase and highlight properties being sold and bought. Techniques, such as: wide angle lenses, aerial drone photos, aerial drone video footage, Steadicam walk-through video footage and photo/video editing are used to capture and produce the highest quality footage available.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography and video is perfect for showing off your products & services and taking your business to the next level. Let customers see your inventory, restaurant food & drinks, atmosphere, and more with elite photography and video footage that can be customized and edited to work with your brand, print media, website, social media, etc.

Aerial Drone Photography & Video

Aerial drone footage allows us to capture amazing photos and video from heights and angles like never before in the industry. With 4k video and a 12 megapixel camera, we are able to capture details for events, inspections, real estate, and so much more.